Friday, November 14, 2008

January show

I was just informed by my gallery here in seattle that i am expected to have a piece in the group show opening this january. Those who know me know that i am a slow painter. So i have to really crack the whip on some of these pieces, and get at least one done. I currently have about 20 paintings in progress in my studio, most in the earliest stages. I took a look through them and pulled out the ones most likely to finish within the next month, and will concentrate on those. They are...

These 3 by 4 foot ones. Either could suddenly and miraculously resolve itself. Maybe.

This is a fairly large one, four by five feet. A nice comfortable size. It may take a lot of work, but it shows promise right now, although you may not see that, as the colors do not seem to come out properly in this photo.

This one is small and very strange. I don't know what got into me, but i am rolling with it.

These last two are both painted on some really funky 70's wallboard that was panelling our basement when we bought our house. You can't really make it out in this photo, but it is made of capiz (that sort of shell from the philippines that was very popular in the 70's. They made lots of cute hanging ornaments out of it that tinkled in the breeze. You can find them in thrift stores.),
on plywood. I thought i would use it, just because it is so strange. I had grave doubts i could make it work, and still do, but it is interesting to work on...

There you have it. One or two of these six must be done in a month. It is likely that whatever is finished will bear little resemblance to what you see here. So it goes.

Wish me luck.


Eero said...

Whoa...twenty paintings rolling at once? I can't keep that many going. Ususally, I work best with 2-4 going.

Of course, more going at once increases their inter-relatedness.

Good luck.

Just do EXACTLY what the painting tells you to do.

findingmywingsinlife said...

your art is quite beautiful, even in the unfinished stages.