Wednesday, October 29, 2008

long time

Yes, i know it has been a while. It has been difficult lately to juggle parenthood and studio time, and i just have not been able to get on this blog thing much. But there has been some progress...
Remember this guy, Alden Mason, who i wrote about in the last post?

I usually make an underpainting that is some starting ground for the surface color. Well, just the other day when i started a new canvas i thought i would try to do an alden mason style underpainting. And the result was...

Strangely similar, wouldn't you agree? Of course i would never show anything like this. It is way too derivative of him. But fun to do, nevertheless. The finished painting will be nothing like this, i am sure.

Here is something else amusing. A fellow painter, Eero (some of you may know her blog. I would make one of those cool link things here, but i don't know how.) is often going on about one of her favorite motifs she works with, and sees it in lots of other painters' work. She calls it "the shape". I never thought much about it, but i was just drawing this evening and look what came out....

It's a very weird drawing, and i don't know if i would ever show it. I only had an hour in the studio and this just kinda popped out. But you can definitely see Eero's shape in it. Sorry girl, guess i ripped you off. But i see your attraction to it. It is fun to draw.

I try to avoid anything political here, but as this is such an important election...
All you Obama people out there, get out and vote, damn it. I don't know if i can live through four more years of failed republican policy. For you McCain fans.... Sorry, but you all had your turn, and look at the mess you made.


Eero said...

The Shape is free to all who can dig it. Seriously---it DOES feel good to draw it, doesn't it??

Definitely voting O.

A lot of Alaskans are horrified by Palin's unjustified rise to prominence.

bugheart said...

oh, i am

the vase
has been in
your work
or an urn anyway,
same difference.
i will have
to draw one.
i didn't know
it felt so good.

Diane said...

I just stumbled upon your blog... your work is really beautiful!