Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been absent for some time.
It has been my intention to make this blog thing only about the paintings i have in progress, and not about my personal life, but the two are often intertwined. I have had very little studio time lately, largely because i am struggling with finding childcare i can afford. It is very difficult to have a baby, a bartending job, and a fledgling art career. Something has to go, and it looks like jonah plans on staying. Other than that, it's beautiful outside right now, and the last thing i want to do during the best month of the year is hole myself up in a studio on a gorgeous day. I always get very active with the painting in the fall. Summer is a difficult time for me to paint. So not much progress. I will leave you with this image, which is the first day of painting on this very large canvas, 8 feet wide. I know it is only the very first layer, and very little of what you see now will remain in the end, but there are people who would consider this a complete painting. Not me, though.


bugheart said...

hope you
are enjoying
your vacation.
i know that
you speak
the reality
of parenthood...
and it makes
me so very
to have one
of my own...

Eero said...

I love that saffron orange.

Anonymous said...

totally love your work. it is so special and beautiful.

might be a bit interesting now with having a toddler around :):)...but as the thirteen century poet Rumi said " Let the Beauty that we love be what we do, they are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

and pleaseeeeeeee keep all your sketchbooks. Sandra

Anonymous said...

darn it i should say it dean's sister sandra :) maybe :):)