Sunday, August 31, 2008


I got some work done lately. My mother took Jonah away from me for the weekend, and i got some time in the studio. Here we are in the studio with racks full of unfinished paintings...

As you can see, a lot to be done. At this early stage, all these paintings are in their rawest form. Not one has "clicked", as i put it. There is a moment in the making of a painting when it reveals to you what it wants to be, and it "clicks" into place. Then you have to follow it where it wants to go, which can take some time. Right now, not one of these has shown me any direction. I am struggling with all these, and have no idea what they will become.

And this is a monster, eight feet wide. Just the first layer, but it is really daunting...

Showing these at the state they are in right now is a little like going to the corner store in a bathrobe and slippers. You are just not ready to be seen.

And here i am having a drink with two friends who are bad ass sculptors, Matt and Eric.



bugheart said...

i see
a lot
of people
at our
corner store
in bathrobes

Eero said...

Whoa---Eric and Matt! They look different.....all grown up...

For that huge painting----you're on the right track. You just can't go wrong with saffron orange.


johnny said...

bastard...i wanna hang with too....I miss all you cool Seattle people...especially in the Fall...